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Sunday Sew Love: 2 November


(left) navy blue threads A Megan that fits | (center/top) Diary of a Chainstitcher Basic Bronte Top

(center/bottom) Mercury – Handmade Fashion Gabriola for the Winter | (right) Ginger Makes Ginger Jeans!

I scheduled this post on Thursday because by the time this it goes live I will be in California!!! (and without internet for a few days). As you read this I am probably unpacking boxes galore! yay!

So anyway, don’t you just love, love, love Teresa’s Megan dress. I kinda really want to steal it ;) And Fiona gave me a good reminder that we can and should sew basics sometimes. This Gabriola turned out gorgeous and of course I had to post Ginger’s Ginger jeans! I did something bad… I ordered the denim kit! I also ordered some cheaper stuff to practice with, but for some reason Heather has me believing that making jeans is a possibility for me, so we’ll see how that goes… :)

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